Replacing manual processes with automation improves turnaround time, increases the accuracy of requests and improves profitability by reducing the cost of each transaction.

K2 has redefined automation.

Our components are designed to leverage multi-vendor legacy systems as well as aid in the resolution of site consolidation complexities. K2 has integrated a variety of image information management systems currently used in the insurance community.

K2 provides an up-to-date, seamless, Windows™ based request process and delivery system. K2 manages both ends of the image archive process meaning K2 is the front-end component that provides access to the storage and the back-end system that stores the images until case completion. These images include claims, applications, policies, correspondence and any required supporting documentation. K2 will folder all of the images irrespective of the storage media: filmed documents, archived documents, hardcopy or fiche. K2 will then deliver the finished product to a printer, fax, E-mail, CD or desktop.

In addition, because the system is client-based and web-based, internal and external users can access the system from anywhere. This allows for a centralized work effort without a centralized location; utilizing employees regardless of physical location and ultimately saving real-estate expense.

K2 Micro Systems promotes SOA (service-oriented architecture) by allowing a centralized approach to managing images. There is no need for each line of business to create or support individual systems. K2 will help your insurance company by controlling access to your image archives through rules-based retrieval and delivery prioritization.

In the end, K2 performs as expected and out-performs your expectations, resulting in measurable operational efficiencies and greater customer service.