Successful management of claim submission and resubmission is a daunting task for any healthcare organization. Automation of this process has proven to be the only option for successful collection of the majority of denied and partially denied insurance claims.

K2 Micro Systems has developed a process, utilizing technology, which minimizes the amount of human interaction with physical documentation. This will result in limiting the number of errors made and time spent gathering documentation for resubmissions.

Due to new federal policies in place making it increasingly difficult to collect from Medicare and Medicaid, it is imperative that claims to these organizations be made with 100% accuracy. Automating the process of information and image gathering can help insure that all claims are submitted correctly, timely, and accurately. This will reduce collection times and increase overall collection percentage while reducing the amount of administrators necessary for the handling of these submissions.

Traditionally healthcare organizations have had two options for handling their claim submissions and resubmissions.

1.   Internally

Limits successful claim resubmission on average to less than 20%

Creates high volume of staff to handle the claim process

Manual submissions are error prone and cumbersome

2.   Outsourcing

Limits the amount of revenue that can be collected

Generally increases in contract cost over time

Manual transfers of information to the BPO can be fraught with errors and are not necessarily completed in a timely manner

K2 Micro Systems has a different idea. We are bringing our 18 years of banking and insurance experience to the medical world. K2 utilizes our expertise in the healthcare billing process, insurance denial policies, our superior technical knowledge, and old fashioned work ethic. We have been able to put a system together that supplies healthcare organizations the ability to resubmit each and every claim that gets denied or partially denied.

Increasing the amount of denied claims that are resubmitted can significantly impact your bottom line. K2 automates the billing process through custom designed software that integrates all legacy systems and utilizes the information within those systems. This allows healthcare organizations to capitalize a significantly greater percentage of their receivables, while using significantly less staff necessary to manage each payer relationship.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing electronic health records or are still working the old fashioned way with manual data entry, we have the tools to put your organization well ahead of the game. Collecting on 90% more insurance resubmissions can make a dramatic improvement to your bottom line. We focus on streamlining your processes; not dictating how to handle your claims process. Getting your users involved in the design and decision making process insures that they will utilize all the advantages of the new system. It is vital to any implementation to have everyone involved in order to exceed expectations and deliver measurable results.